Meeting highest standards in winding technology

The sophistication and reliabilty characteristic of SAHM products are your key to a competitive edge in the international marketplace.

Our specialists work together with you, developing ground-breaking technology that sets new standards.

The SAHM product portfolio comprises precision cross winders, parallel winders, rewinding machinery and high performance winders.

To assist you in finding the right SAHM winder, this page uses a number of our customers' applications and materials as search terms. If you do not find your product in the list of SAHM product ranges, try a search using the field "choose an application" or send us your inquiry using the special applications questionnaire form.

Product area


Automatic and manual winders for technical yarns
Automatic and manual winders for carbon fibers prepreg tapes, towpregs as well as jumbo winders for PAN Precursor yarns
Parallel winders for foils, adhesive and paper tapes, and security tapes
Automatic and manual winders for tapes and monofilaments
Automatic winders for multifilament compact spinning lines
Single End Coating Line for textile and technical yarns, mono- and bicolor